April 5, 2012

For the past five weeks the gallery has hosted visits from grade 7 and 8 classes with Meryl McMaster’s photography show titled In-Between Worlds. Today is the last session. For each class I shared a little about my role as a curator. I’d begin with the question “What does a curator do?” Responses from the young participants usually included words like “pick” and “choose” what goes on the gallery walls.

The selection process is one part of a curator’s job. Some other aspects include:

  • maintaining a gallery or museum’s collection
  • research & interpret a collection or temporary exhibitions
  •  document and administer exhibitions
  • write labels, catalogue essays and other supporting materials
  • visit and correspond with exhibiting artists
  • design and arrange exhibitions
  • plan future exhibition programming
  •  arrange packing and transportation of artworks
  • deliver public talks, present research and publish articles
  • co-ordinate publications and catalogues

In closing my chat with the students, they’d ask what my favorite part of being a curator is. After of moment of thought, I’d reply: “With every show you learn something new. What can be more rewarding than expanding your horizons?”

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