March 11, 2010  

This month I’ll be parting with one of my many works of art – but it’s for a good cause.  I’ll be donating a piece in support of Station Gallery’s upcoming Drawing for Art fundraising event but… I need your help! 

I can’t decide which work of art would appeal to the enthusiastic crowd of over 200 individuals supporting the Gallery.  “Ask the blogasphere” said Paige, the Gallery’s Marketing & Event Manager.  So I’ll ask you… my loyal blog readers (and those who casually pop in from time to time) – take a vote, which one should I send? 

Here’s the deal…
Leave a comment with the artwork title you think I should donate, do so by Monday March 29 and that Tuesday I’ll announce the winner.  Don’t be afraid to leave a comment of why you’ve voted – it’ll be fun to see what strikes everyone’s fancy. 

So here goes… I’ll let the people speak. 



"Leaping Diver"


"Silent Actress"


"Spitting Image"

Your thoughts?