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It’s that time again—I can’t decide which artwork to part with. Later this month, I’ll be giving one of my drawings to a good cause.  The donation will be in support of Station Gallery’s upcoming Drawing for Art fundraising event but… I need your help!

Once again, I can’t figure which drawing will appeal to the enthusiastic crowd of over 200 individuals supporting the Gallery. So I’ll ask you… my loyal blog readers (and those who casually pop in from time to time) – take a vote, which one should I submit?

Here’s the deal…
Vote on which artwork title you think I should donate. To get a better look, click on the picture to enlarge it. Cast your vote by Thursday, March 24 and on the following day I’ll announce the winner. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment of why you’ve voted – it’ll be fun to see what strikes everyone’s fancy.

So here goes… let the people choose.