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August 23, 2013

It’s not everyday that I feel like Julian Assange…

The Wiki Show finished its very successful run last Sunday. Visitors were thrilled to cast a ballot for the artist who they would like to see back at the gallery with a solo show. There were 20 artists in the Wiki mix—all of whom put there “best foot forward” with very strong examples from their studio.

Earlier in the week, I was joined by a volunteer and our auditor to tally the ballots. Over 600 visitors cast a ballot for the artist they’d like to see more of in 2014.

Wiki Count

Wiki Count

I’m proud to unofficially announce that the Wiki winner is… Jennifer Dorner! We’ll officially announce the recipient of the 2014 solo show at tomorrow’s opening at Station Gallery.

June 21, 2013

I’ve caught up on the sleepless night a couple of years ago when the idea first occurred to me. I was inspired and exhilarated by the idea of an exhibition that could be determined by the viewing audience. The Wiki Show was born.

A wiki is a web site that encourages anyone to contribute and change content. An excellent example is Wikipedia, a popular on-line encyclopedia that grows and expands every day. Wikis encourage the free exchange of ideas, collaboration, user and visitor involvement.

The Wiki Show brings together twenty artists from across Canada who have submitted exhibition proposals to Station Gallery. They are:

John Abrams
Danny Custodio
Jennifer Dorner
Corinne Duchesne
Susan Farquhar
Erin Finley
Karen Grenier
Sadko Hadzihasanovic
Peter Haller
Timothy Laurin
Laura Moore
Clint Neufeld
Nathalie Quagliotto
Peter Sibbald
Dwight Siegner
Rosemary Sloot
Barry Smylie
Ilona Staples
Nicola Tibbetts
Mike Yuhasz

Each artist brings one or more of their latest and best pieces into the Wiki mix. Visitors are invited to actively engage with works and ideas.

This materially rich show surveys a vast array of media and conceptual approaches to contemporary practice. Some themes become apparent in the Show. They include imaginary spaces, the beauty of ordinary objects and the wonderment of everyday life, travel, proximities, the near and the far, exchange and the generous spirit of sharing. As you wander through the Show, you’ll find other themes and similarities among the twenty artists. It’s a real amazing conversation…

As a group exhibition, this one’s a little on the experimental side. We’re asking all SG visitors to have a say in determining the future programming at the gallery. Whose art would you like to see more of? Which of the twenty artists would you like to see back at the gallery?

Come into the gallery and cast a ballot for your favorite artist in this group exhibition. At the end of the show (August 17), the artist with the most votes will be invited back to SG for a solo exhibition next year. The Wiki finalist will be announced at our next opening on August 24.

The Wiki show opens tomorrow afternoon–let the voting begin!

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