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October 29, 2012

Today’s the Art Toronto exposition’s  final day at the Metro Convention Centre. Trade shows like this one are a terrific way of getting a concentrated dose of contemporary and historical art participating in the marketplace. The lights are high-key, the paintings are shiny and the imagery is scintillating. Chances are, however, you’ll find the real gems behind the glitz.

I found the people making the sales the most memorable part of the show. Usually they were artists or cultural workers who work for galleries as their “bread-and-butter”. Sales pitch aside, I’d ask about their personal work or their opinion on contemporary art. Often times, their stories were more captivating than the art they were selling. One associate turned out to be a tattooist/technologist from Bejing. Another, incorporated fashion design with biology.

It’s amazing the narratives you’ll find stepping outside the margins of commerce.

As for the visual art… curiously, lots of images depicting Venetian scenarios. Loads of roundels and circular forms. Full circle.

If you attended Art Toronto 2012, post a comment on your thoughts… I always love to hear your views!