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May 22, 2012

Lately, I’ve enjoyed being immersed in the our collection storage and reviewing the gallery’s permanent collection along with gallery patrons and partners. This is in preparation for our upcoming Patrons’ Picks exhibition which opens on Saturday, June 2. The process has proven to be exhilarating and informative for both myself and key stakeholders making their selections. It’s trilling to make discoveries of pieces that have quietly hung on the backs of the storage racks.

As you may know, I enjoy looking for (and sometimes finding) patterns and themes. I’ve started noticing many similarities in the prints preserved in the permanent collection. For instance, there are a lion’s share of table-tops and still-lives represented. There’s a real sensuous, quirky humour that’s noticeable in the collection. Many prints invoke the levity and funky atmosphere of the late seventies and early eighties. Who knows, maybe there’s a themed show in the making. In the meantime, many of the works will see a new life until July 15 in the context of the Patrons’ Picks show. Release the collection!