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April 15, 2010

The coming of spring seems to stimulate creative thinking and innovation. It’s the time of year that sees new beginnings and the simultaneous passing of old things. For many colleges and universities the academic calendar is winding down. Students who are enrolled in art programmes, for instance, are finding patterns in the studio production that have accumulated over the semester. I had a chance to review students’ artworks at both the Ontario College of Art and Design by sitting in on year-end critiques, as well as seeing the year-end juried show at Durham College yesterday (selections of which will be shown at Station Gallery for the month of May). Ask any educator and he or she will point out the ebb-and-flow cycles of student aptitude. From my experiences, the college kids are certainly on to something this year, and are stretching the bounds of creative thinking. Check out the shows and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Today kicks-off global celebrations of creativity and innovation. Imagination, ingenuity and divergent ways of thinking are all honoured during this week-long celebration. Here are a few postings to help awaken your inner Leonardo da Vinci. 

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