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24 February 2017

While revisiting some art research a few days ago, it’s noteworthy that today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of celebrated Ukrainian painter, Tetyana Yablonska (1917 – 2005).

Her artistic career began as a follower of Socialist Realism. She was award top State accolades, receiving the Stalin Prize for her 1949 composition Bread. I recall analyzing this monumental painting for a university course, noting the diligent collective farm workers rolling sleeves eager to harvest a tsunami wall of wheat shown in the background. Post war Soviet propaganda at its best…


Her earlier works depicted active movement, labour and sport. However, Yablonska’s work was filled with lyricism, particularly compositions dedicated to motherhood, subtle psychological portraits and self-portraits. The artist’s brushwork changed over her long and fruitful creative life. Her works gradually shifted towards vivid Impressionist colours and brush-strokes. Happy hundredth, Tetyana!