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September 6, 2013

There’s a special feeling of anticipation right before an issue of Surfacing Magazine comes out. If you follow arts and culture in the Durham Region, you’ll know what I mean. We’ve had this feeling for the sixteenth time as we came up to the 5th year anniversary issue, which came out yesterday. Surfacing became woven into the fabric of our lives in Durham. It became a tangible record; a beacon of renewed enthusiasm around the arts in the region.

With the 5th year anniversary issue comes the news that this is Surfacing’s last. Publishing duo, Dave and Laura Schembri round-out an incredible half decade run. And what a ride it’s been! The launch at Station Gallery, the record-breaking “Off the Pages” exhibition exactly a year ago, the DACTA nomination, reading insightful articles and creative writing, engaging a plethora of visual experiences….

Laura and Dave uncovered hidden talent in our community and celebrated friends we know so very well. Personally speaking, they’ve expanded my worldview to include poetry, music, performance… and a renewed vision of the visual arts in the region.

Dave and Laura are extraordinary professionals: considered, exact, genuine, opened, soulful. They infuse a grace with everything they touch. Now based in Aurora, The Schembris continue to be ex-pat champions of the Durham Region art scene. They’ve made an indelible mark and ever-lasting presence with Surfacing. Congratulations on your anniversary issue! Thank you for sharing the view through your periscope…

Dave, Laura and Me at Surfacing show opening.

Dave, Laura and Me at Surfacing show opening.