June 7, 2014

Earlier this morning newly elected, Petro Poroshenko was sworn-in as the fifth President of Ukraine. International heads of state joined in the inauguration proceedings, including the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.

For full ceremonies watch here.


May 24, 2014

Toni Latour’s solo exhibition “The Femme Project” opened yesterday at Station Gallery.

Show continues until July 6.


May 9, 2014

I’m in the process of rediscovering Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1962 masterpiece, Mamma Roma. By way of learning more about this Italian classic, I’ve started researching the locations used in the film. In one scene the young couple Ettore and Bruna meet in a park. The background for their encounter is carefully and fittingly chosen by Pasolini. Two worlds collide. The pair rendezvous among the remains of ancient Rome–specifically the aqueducts of the Aqua Claudia Aqueduct Park.

In the not-so-distant background is the burgeoning Don Bosco quarter of the city. The cityscape is an anonymous wall of apartment blocks. Bruna states that she lives nearby, presumably in the newly built developments. The only identifying feature rising above the background is the domed Basilica di San Giovanni Bosco. The church was under construction when the movie was filmed. Stay tuned for the drawings inspired by this research….

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 12.33.09 AM


April 15, 2014

Identifying art history references in cinema can be an exhilarating pursuit. I’m sourcing material for a lecture exploring art in films and how films influence visual artists.  This will be the third part in the Synchronicities: Art & Cinema presentation series.

Over the weekend I watched Lars von Trier’s 2011 apocalyptic psychodrama Melancholia. The movie poster for this film was the hook. Kristen Dunst as Ophelia–specifically John Everett Millais’s version. This mid-nineteenth century painting is recreated by von Trier in the opening dream sequence and later referenced along with other historical works illustrated in art monographs. Most were immediately recognizable (Malevich, Caravaggio, Millais, Bruegel) while others took a few days to put a name to the image (Hill, Blake).

Here’s a clip of the bookshelf episode from the movie along with freeze frames, artists, titles and dates of the works. Enjoy!

March 24, 2014

In Soviet Russia, pen breaks you.

March 21, 2014

It was the final Sunday of a long, frigid and worrisome winter season as the world watches events unfold in Ukraine. Thousands gathered at Toronto’s Dundas Square to show their solidarity for Crimea as part of a united, sovereign, democratic and independent Ukraine. The large anti-war manifestation made stops at the US, British, German, French and Russian consulates. Protests will continue this weekend at the Russian consulate at Bloor and Church Streets. It will be the first Sunday of spring…

Mega March on Yonge Street.

Mega March on Yonge Street.

Watch the full version on Youtube by clicking here.

March 6, 2014

This year will mark the 21st anniversary of Station Gallery’s signature fundraiser–Drawing for Art. I’d like to donate one of my latest drawings. Both are inspired by a 1960 Italian film titled “I dolci inganni” (1960). Which drawing should I donate?

Shhh  2014 charcoal on paper 15 x 29"

Shhh 2014 charcoal on paper 15 x 29″

Secret  2014 charcoal on paper 15 x 29"

Secret 2014 charcoal on paper 15 x 29″

February 28, 2014

Now here’s a milestone. Tomorrow marks the sesquicentennial (150!) birthday celebration of Florence Helena McGillivray, one of Whitby’s most famed historical artists! She was born March 1, 1864 on a farm at the corner of Taunton and Lakeridge Roads. In the early 1900s she taught at what is now Trafalgar Castle School.

McGillivray travelled to France in 1913 to further her art studies, where she came under the influence of Impressionism and Fauvism. She actively exhibited her work while there, before returning to Canada in 1914 on the eve of WWI and settling in Ottawa. Continuing to actively pursue her career as an artist, she was elected a member of the Ontario Society of Artists in 1917, and became an associate of the Royal Canadian Academy in 1925. She retired to live in Toronto in the 1930s, where she died in 1938. Her paintings are represented in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Many believe that she taught Tom Thomson as trick or two about painting. Happy Birthday, Florence!
Portrait of Florence McGillivray

February 24, 2014

The recent days have been filled with shock and loss of words as Ukraine and the world mourns the deaths in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

Deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the Yanukovych régime.

Euromaidan Activists

Georgiy Arytyunin (1960-2014)
Serhiy Baydovskiy (1990-2014)
Serhiy Bondarchuk (1961-2014)
Oleksiy Bratushko (1971-2014)
Valeriy Brezdeniuk (1963-2014)
Bohdan Baiyda (1965-2014)
Roman Barenitsya (1978-2014)
Vlad Chaplinskiy (?-2014)
Andriy Chernenko (1979-2014)
Viktor Chmilenko (1961-2014)
Olexander Charyok (?-2014)
Antonina Dvoryanetz (1952-2014)
Mykola Dzyavulskiy (1958-2014)
Andriy Dihdalovich (1973-2014)
Serhiy Didych (1970-2014)
Ihor Dmytriv (1984-2014)
Ustim Holodniuk (1994-2014)
Edward Hrynevych (1985-2014)
Roman Huryk (1994-2014)
Olexander Kapinos (1984-2014)
Serhiy Kemskiy (1981-2014)
David Kapiani (?-2014)
Volodymyr Kischuk (1956-2014)
Ihor Kostenko (1991-2014)
Anatoliy Korniyev (?-2014)
Andriy Korchak (1965-2014)
Vitaliy Kotsyuba (1982-2014)
Ivan Kreman (?-2014)
Volodymyr Kulchitskiy (1949-2014)
Olexander Khrapachenko (1987-2014)
Zubar Khurtsiya (Georgia) (1960-2014)
Andriy Movchan (1980-2014)
Vasyl’ Moysei (1992-2014)
Volodymyr Naumov (1970-2014)
Roman Nikulichev (1993-2014)
Valeriy Opanasiuk (1971-2014)
Dmytro Pahor (1993-2014)
Volodymyr Pavliuk (1974-2014)
Mykola Pan’kiv (1975-2014)
Yuriy Parashchuk (1966-2014)
Yuriy Paskhalin (1984-2014)
Olexander Plekhanov (1991-2014)
Leonid Polyanskiy (1979? -2014)
Andriy Sayenko (1962-2014)
Ihor Serdiuk (1974-2014)
Viktor Smiyanenko? (1961-2014)
Vitaliy Smolyanskiy (?-2014)
Bohdan Solchanyk (1985-2014)
Serhiy Shapoval (1969? -2014)
Joseph Shiling (1952-2014)
Maksym Shynko (1981-2014)
Olexander Shcherbaniuk (1968-2014)
Ivan Tarasiuk (1993-2014)
Ihor Tkachuk (1975-2014)
Roman Tochin (1969-2014)
Ivan Tur (1973-2014)
Oleh Ushnevych (1982-2014)
Vitaliy Vasyltsyov (1977-2014)
Vyachyslav Veremiy (1980-2014)
Nazar Voytovych (1996-2014)
Anatoliy Zhalovaha (1980-2014)
Volodymyr Zhreyanin (1985-2014)
Anatoliy Zherebnikh (?-2014)
Yakiv Zaiyko (1941-2014)
Volodymyr Zakharov (1957-2014)

Police and Military Personnel

Vasyl’ Bilitka (1985-2014)
Andriy Fedyukin (1972-2014)
Vitaliy Honcharov (1989-2014)
Oleksiy Ivanenko (1977-2014)
Petro Savytskiy (1972-2014)
Serhiy Spichak (?-2014)
Ivan Tepliuk (1993-2014)
Maksym Tertyiak (1993-2014)
Serhiy Tsvihun (1990-2014)
Dmytro Wlasenko (1982-2014)
Volodymyr Yevtushok (1971-2014)

My thoughts and prayers remain with the people of Ukraine, and their brave struggle to protect their dignity, human rights, and democracy in Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava!
Слава Україні! Героям слава!

February 7, 2014

For the past 15 years, the John B. Aird Gallery has hosted a unique juried showcase of Canadian drawing. This year’s instalment is a particularly strong and balanced exhibition. I’m thrilled to have a piece represented in Drawing 2014 alongside some greatly respected media peers such as Erin Finley, Toni Hamel, Winnie Truong and Amanda Burk. Big congratulations to Amanda, whose piece “Quiescence” placed among the award winners!

“For this 15th annual juried drawing exhibition, 72 artists submitted 137 drawings for consideration by two jurors. A variety of drawing styles, media and techniques reflecting a spectrum of ideas about drawing were represented.

Two jurors, Ed Pien and Dale Barrett, selected the 33 works in the exhibition. Drawing 2014 celebrates the diversity and vitality of drawing, showcasing a range of processes, styles, materials and conceptual approaches.”

O with "The Following"

O with “The Following”

"The Following", 2013, charcoal on paper, 72 x 234 cm

“The Following”, 2013, charcoal on paper, 72 x 234 cm

I worked on “The Following” over the recent holidays. I’ve recently become interested in extending or elongating discrete moments in film. Inspired by a camera pan shot in Michelangelo Antonioni’s film L’eclisse (1962), the camera slowly pans across the commotion outside Rome’s stock exchange. My drawing captures a woman following a heavy-set man who has lost his fortunes in a stock market crash. She’s depicted twice. Technically speaking, there is a ten second delay from one end of the picture to the other. With my drawn rendition, the viewer experiences Antonioni’s scene as a single visual sweep.

The show continues until the end of the February.


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