January 21, 2014

Pop cultural references embedded in obscure art house movies are always refreshing. The black and white screen-shot packs a lot of visual information and I really enjoyed researching this one. I just revisited Marco Bellocchio’s break out directorial film, Fists in the Pocket. Caustic and irreverent, the movie is a long-forgotten classic of neo-realist Italian cinema. It still packs quite a punch almost 50 years later.

Screen Shot from "Fists in the Pocket"

Screen Shot from “Fists in the Pocket”

The iconic photo on the headboard is a 1953 publicity shot from The Wild One starring Marlon Brando. Paola Pitagora‘s character convalesces with a Disney comic book, known as “Almanacco Topolino” aka “Mickey Mouse’s Almanac”. This periodical reference took a little time to find. I recognized Huey, Louis and Dewey (Italian: Qui, Quo e Qua). Donald Duck’s nephews appeared on the October 1961 cover.

"Almanacco Topolino" cover

“Almanacco Topolino” cover