November 3, 2012

Earlier this year, Parks Canada designated the grounds of Intrepid Park on the Whitby/Oshawa border as nationally significant. This was the war-time site of the STS #103, commonly known as Camp X. The espionage training camp was just one of Durham Region’s involvement with the war effort. Others included DIL (Defence Industry Limited), Elementary Flying Training School (#20 EFTS) at Oshawa airport and Bowmanville’s Camp 30, German officer’s POW internment camp.

These sites enriched the area with a colourful array of stories and key players. Almost seventy years ago, Ian Fleming trained at Camp X. His real-life experiences on the shores of Lake Ontario informed his James Bond fictions. 2012 marks the half century debut of 007 in the silver screen.

In addition to the dynamic narratives, the area became a rich repository of war-time artefacts. I’m delighted to be involved with an exhibition showcasing material culture from Camp 30, DIL, EFTS #20, and of course, Camp X.

Drop by the Regional Municipality of Durham Headquarters this Thursday, November 8th at 2pm to see what’s beyond the “Top Secret” wrapping… Oh, what can it be?

Historian Lynn Philip Hodgson & OleX marks the spot