October 20, 2012

Every gallery show has a change-over week. This five-day window just passed at Station Gallery with the new exhibition called “Reading the Image” opening today.

I really enjoy these high-energy installation weeks. Everything comes together at once. Shows planned two to three years earlier materialize before your eyes. Ideas become tangible. Simple concepts transform into richly layered visual experiences. It’s a chance to see how artists’ studio production interact with gallery architecture and, in the case of “Reading the Image” group show, how individual works and series’ interact with other artworks based on the same theme.

I imagine that the process of arranging an exhibition is similar to a movie editor’s craft. The goal is to tell a story. Every art show courses through its own narrative. For instance, “Reading the Image” tells the story of how artists combine pictures and words, image and text. The six artists in the show approach this strategy in very different ways. Each artist has a unique voice in this exhibition. Their individual voices harmonize in a chorus and resonate throughout the gallery.

As with every third Thursday of the month, we gather to discuss how exhibitions are arranged and to share stories from behind the scenes. Join me at Station Gallery on November 15th at 7pm for the next Curator’s Walk & Talk. In the meantime, leave your comments if you’ve seen the “Reading the Image” or any other recent shows…

“Surfacing” show comes down, “Reading the Image” goes up