September 17, 2012

The association of solace and reverie with rural Ontario are evocatively captured with Neil Young’s words: “There is a town in north Ontario, With dream comfort memory to spare.” These feelings are particularly heightened in late summer when verdant abundance slowly drifts into autumnal colours.

I had the pleasure yesterday  to drive out to the Kawarthas for a studio visit with Susan Rankin during the annual studio tour in Apsley, Ontario. She shares a glass studio with multi-media artist Brad Copping. It’s the most fascinating aspect to see an artist’s working space, especially when it’s surrounded by bucolic gardens in forest glade. Brad gave the packed studio tour audience a privileged glimpse into the blowing and turning techniques of molten glass. Susan has embarked on a new direction in her glass production with towering forms with crystalline petals and roundels.

It won’t be too long that we’ll get a chance to see them in our midst. Susan Rankin’s Valid Objects of Beauty will open the 2013 exhibition season at Station Gallery on January 11.        

Susan Rankin’s latest glass works