April 8, 2011

T.S. Elliot saw April as the cruelest month. For me, it’s shaping-up to be the coolest month. It’s a month of warming and change. I’m looking forward to several events this month.

Last night I listened to Bruce Cockburn’s “Circles in Stream” double-album (on vinyl!) and noticed that it was recorded at Massey Hall on April 9, 1977. The Canadian folk rock legend will take the Massey stage tomorrow, thirty-four years to the day of the live recording. I’ve got a ticket to witness this alignment—can’t wait.

The Jane Eccles show will close this Sunday. It’ll be sad to part with this one. After all, in all my years as a curator, I’ve never witnessed anything like this. It was a run-away blockbuster hit. Crowds, enthusiasm, celebration are words that will stay with me when I will look back at this exhibition. Jane Eccles: Overlap will go out with a bang on the last day of the show with a special VIP performance from the artist called A Moment with Jane.

O & J, Overlap Opening

Two highly-anticipated performances from two great Canadian icons—all on the same weekend!