March 25, 2011

A few weeks ago, I was uncertain about which drawing I would part with for the Gallery’s upcoming fundraiser called Drawing for Art (DFA). I posted four works and asked you to vote and comment on your favorite Olex drawing. If last year’s vote was more of a nail-biter with all four works jockeying for first position, this year’s vote had a clear leader. Station was the favorite from the start and ended with just over half of the votes going to the street scene. The next step is to get it framed, matted and ready for hanging for the in-gallery preview that will run from April 14 until the big night on Thursday, April 28. Starting April 1st, you can check-out the high calibre of artists’ submissions for this year’s DFA on the gallery website for the month of April.

It’s most interesting to see the ebb and flow of popular taste. Station is an older work that I’ve shown on several occasions. Many years ago, I displayed it at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition on Nathan Phillips Square. It seemed to go unnoticed. The majority gravitated to the figurative works and pictures with people. The opposite was the case with this on-line vote. How could this be explained? Could it be that people are tired of being indoors all winter and are more interested in outdoor scenes like Station? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts….  

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