September 10, 2010

This month will mark the forth decade Station Gallery has been a cultural hub in the region. What does it mean to be forty? I’ve been giving this quite a bit of thought in the last little while. The Gallery’s vintage is close to my own—a couple of years separate us. I’ve been asking people what their favourite decade in life was; a little self-reflection poll. Almost always the answer related to the forties. For people it’s a time of maturity, it’s life in mid-stream. Here, the seasonal metaphor of harvest time comes to mind, this time of the year. Physiologically speaking—it’s the prime of life. If a person’s twenties are defined by figuring out where you stand in relation with other people and the thirties are about honing that dynamic, then the forties are about something else. It’s about how you relate to yourself. This is a time of soul-searching and self-awareness. Questions of value, purpose and meaning become tenable. Character develops fully at that point and one becomes psychically settled. Things click. You say to yourself, “oh yeah, this is what it’s all about!” This is what I’m told. Personally, I’m really looking forward to the next little while at the Gallery as we prepare for our 40 hour arts marathon (we’re calling it Adrenalin) on the last weekend of this month. Of course there’s the saying “Life begins at forty” — so the best is yet to come. 

SG turns 40 and Olex has a couple years to go.