Friday, August 13th

As I write this, the thunder of drums resonate the entire building from our courtyard patio. It’s the final summer performance for our gallery art camp. What a perfect day for an outdoor event! The six weeks of summer camp zipped by. It’s the perennial question this time of the year: where did the summer go? As soon as we’re finished grappling with that query, we’re posed with another question: what did you do for the summer vacation? I hope that many of the kids in the summer camp will recall the fun they had at the Gallery and fondly remember the summer of 2010.

Things are winding down, but summer still has some longevity yet. I’ve been out on the east coast for my holidays and still have another week saved near the end of this month. I’d like to head out somewhere and take a road trip. I was wondering if you could suggest a place to visit? Is there somewhere you’ve been and would recommend?

Double take--Patrick Dorie is Photographed