June 30, 2010

It’s time to sit back and take stock of the year—and what a dynamic one it’s been! We’re past the one year mark of this blog and there’s a lot to celebrate. Here are some of the stats: 27 posts, a word-count of close to six thousand, and almost five thousand views to date. The part that I’ve enjoyed the most was putting words to my experiences and thoughts, where there would have been a void before.

What a delicious year it's been!

I must admit—I wasn’t very enthusiastic about starting up a blog initially. “Who’s got the time?” I thought. It was the gentle persuasion and thorough the “blogistics” of our Marketing & Events Manager, Paige Muirhead (neé Sprecker) that I quickly got the message: this is fun!  

As someone who is required to communicate through writing at work, keeping a blog was a terrific way of staying in shape. Coming up with text for newsletter submissions, grants and essays was that much easier since I was in the groove of doing this bi-monthly blog. Writing a blog is a unique forum. It’s sort of like keeping a diary—not only is it intimate, but it’s also interactive.

I’m looking forward to year two of the Curator by Day blog and I have some ideas that you may find interesting in the coming months. Let me know what some of your ideas and highlights. I welcome your feedback anytime. Thanks for soaring through the “blogoshere” with me this year.