February 9, 2010

The Curator by Day wanted to share the following words about recent coverage Station Gallery got. It underscores the sentiment; “local matters.”

These things we know – community charitable organizations do good work, have no advertising budgets and knock themselves out to draw attention to important programming and events.

Pity the local news media that sift through piles of our media releases, make tough choices and probably take a regular beating for not covering what we each selfishly (in a good way of course) feel is newsworthy.

Sometimes we charitable organizations forget that it’s really our job to find the “community interest” angle and sell it through a well written media release. Even when we do this, it’s a long-shot.

Station Gallery recently got lucky. The new Arresting Images: Mugshots from the OPP Museum exhibition got a front page hit—and what a hit it was. The impact was immediate. It lit a fire. That single article drew more people to the gallery and generated more awareness, visitation and inquiries that any organization could hope for—or pay for.

Who came? People who already knew about the good stuff at Station Gallery and, this is the best part, it grabbed a whole lot of others who may have never thought to visit their local art gallery. They came, they called, they asked questions. They learned that an art gallery has a whole lot more going on than they may have thought.

Thank you to our local media outlets. You help build energy that feeds community organizations.

 Is local media vital to our community? You bet–CNN sure as heck isn’t going to keep us connected to what’s going on in our own backyard.

Donna Raetsen-Kemp

Executive Director, Station Gallery