December 18, 2009

It’s been a month and a half since my last blog submission and this has been a time of deep considerations and meditations about life. Six

On the mend, literally!

Sundays back I was involved in a near death accident. The close call left me with a fractured left femur, ruptured spleen and crushed left kidney. The spleen and kidney were write-offs and had to be removed while the femur was re-enforced with a steel rod. The accident has left me in wonderment, thinking how something as fragile as our bodies can be just as resilient. The healing process has been surprisingly very accelerated. I’m convinced that much of this has to do with the positive support I have received from those around me. Your cards, e-mails, get-well-soon messages and good thoughts have speeded up my convalescence and made me realize how lucky I am to belong to such a thoughtful and encouraging community. Thank you!